Throughout history, Ravens have been a symbol of good fortune. They arrived at pivotal moments, providing protection in times of need and vision.

At Raven Agency, our goal is the same; to provide arts organizations with strategic guidance that helps them discover, define and achieve their goals. We build and implement long-range strategic plans, identify operational efficiencies and develop results-driven marketing solutions to support their ultimate vision.

As a result of our passion, we identify with and are connected to the arts. In fact, all of our employees have formal training in music, theater, literature, film or design. We understand that art and business go together and recognize that neither can thrive without understanding the connection.

In today’s economic climate, arts organizations struggle to capture consumers’ attention and increasingly have to find new ways to adapt to the digitally connected-world in which we now live. Not only do they compete locally against one another, but nationally and internationally with organizations that have the scale and resources to drive out competition.

Our offering consists of business consulting, strategy, operations and marketing solutions. Our insights-driven process is centered around your vision and designed to generate ideas that work. In addition, we have a creative team available to design and implement branding and marketing initiatives.  Providing an end-to-end offering ensures that our plans are put into action.

We are relentlessly focused on helping your organization attain its goals, which is why the majority of our compensation is tied to your success.  At Raven Agency, we stand by our work; and our hybrid compensation model ensures that our clients see results.

We love what we do; it's important to us. Our passion for the arts and commitment to realizing our clients' vision drives us to deliver on our promise.